Town living

The town of Ustica offers a suggestive atmosphere capable of being the core point of your holidays.

Typical glimpses of the town by the sea, flowered balconies, flag stoned and cobblestoned roads, colours and perfumes typical of the Mediterranean: these are the experiences of choosing to stay in a town house.

Whilst in the town, you can have experience firsthand all the events and traditional festivities that come together and fill the streets and squares with life; like the Sky Lantern Show on the 14th July every year that illuminates the sky of Ustica and the feast of St. Bartholomew that is celebrated every year on 24th August.

Staying in the town means having right next to you everything you need for a comfortable stay: shops, restaurants and pubs for evenings out – all right on your doorstep.

Uniquely characteristic of the town centre are the fascinating murals that every year, thanks to an international painting competition, the walls of the houses are transformed into beautiful paintings; making the town streets become an open air gallery, all for you to discover.

In the evening the town centre fills up with colours and music: pubs, little bars, pizza places and small restaurants become the ideal setting for the perfect end to a day at the sea.

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